Transitions can also be called a “signal words”. They serve as cues to the reader that you are changing paragraphs or ideas. In most pieces of writing, a transition needs to be placed in the first sentence of each paragraph. This signals that you are moving on to the next point in your thesis. Here are some common transition words:

Sequence or Addition

Again, also, and, besides, finally, first…second…third, furthermore, in addition, last, moreover, next, one…another, still, too


Afterward, as soon as, at first, at the same time, before, earlier, eventually, finally, immediately, in the meantime, later, meanwhile, next, now, simultaneously, since, soon, subsequently, then, until


Also, likewise, in comparison, in the same way, similarly


Although, but, conversely, despite, even though, however, in contrast, instead, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the contrary, on the one hand…, on the other hand…, still, whereas, yet


For example, for instance, in fact, namely, specifically, that is, thus

Conclusion or Summary

As a result, in conclusion, in short, in summary, therefore, thus

Cause and Effect

As a result, because, consequently, since, so, then, therefore