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The Writing Process

A Quick Reference Guide from WSS

The Basic Essay StructurePDF File

Narrative essayPDF File

Comparison and contrast essayPDF File

Argumentative EssayPDF File


The Research Paper

The Research ProcessPDF File

The Thesis StatementPDF File

Achieving Variety When Introducing QuotationsPDF File

The Research PlannerPDF File

Tips for the Research Paper Rough DraftPDF File

Learning Commons DatabasesWill open new browser window or tab

Grammar and Mechanics

Comma UsagePDF File

Comma SplicesPDF File

Eleven Basic Rules for Using CommasPDF File

That, Which, and WhoPDF File

Numbers in WritingPDF File

Minor Punctuation Marks (dashes, colons, and semicolons)PDF File

Italicize, or Quotations MarksPDF File

ParallelismPDF File

Verb TensePDF File

Active/ Passive VoicePDF File

PrepositionsPDF File

Misused WordsPDF File

Style Guides

American Psychological Association (APA) StylePDF File

Modern Language Association (MLA) StylePDF File