Writing Support Services

“Changing writers, not writing”

Visit us in person or online!

Writing Support Services in the Tutoring Center

We are located in Building A in the Tutoring Center. While we strive to always have someone available to assist you, we recommend that you call to check the availability of a Peer Writing Tutor. Our number is 318-678-6059.

Writing Support Service Online

There are two ways to submit your paper for review online and both are FREE! First, visit BPCC Online Writing Services, where your papers will be reviewed by the Lead and Peer Writing Tutors right here at the Tutoring Center.

You can submit at writingsupport@bpcc.edu.

How do I request a session?

Contact the Center by emailing writingsupport@bpcc.edu.

Also, you can visit us at the Tutoring Center or click the “submit an assignment” link on the menu to submit a paper online. Expect a maximum turnaround time of 48 hours for online submissions (Monday through Friday).

Availability of tutors may be limited at times so it important to plan ahead. Tutors will be unable to comment on drafts if they are due four hours or less from the time of a session. This ensures that students have the time needed to make revisions before turning their draft in to an instructor.

*Please review the mission and policies section for additional information

Our peer writing assistants are eager to help you with the following:

  • Essay content and organization
  • Grammar and mechanics
  • MLA or APA style questions
  • Research Papers and lab or technical information

How do I prepare for a session?

  • Bring a copy of the assignment instructions and any other examples provided by the instructor.
  • Have two copies of your assignment and your instructor’s checklist (if provided, It will also be available on TTC’S myBPCC page in the “Writing Support Services section”).
  • Proofread the draft before meeting with a tutor.
  • Be prepared to accept constructive criticism.


  • A WSS Specialists is here to help, but the writing is always yours.
  • Do not expect your paper to be error-free.
  • A WSS specialist offers support and suggestions and will not pass judgment on your writing.
  • A student should have the draft typed
  • Major changes to a paper should always be approved by an instructor prior to the submission of the final draft.
  • A tutor’s comments and feedback on a rough draft are secondary to the instructor’s feedback and do not substitute for a rough draft check with the instructor that the student has missed.
    There is no limit to the number of times a student may bring in a draft but each face-to-face session is limited to an hour

Our peer writing assistants support students by:

  • Actively listening and talking about the writing process.
  • Helping to define the impact and purpose of their writing.
  • Discussing issues like grammar, organization and usage in terms of a student’s paper.
  • Facilitating student-led questions to focus the writer on issues that need to be addressed.
  • Respecting assignment parameters, grading and instructional preferences.