Policies and Procedures

Campus Memo/BPCC News Policy and Procedure

Beginning May 1, 2013, the Campus Memos Policy will be changing. Because of the volume of Campus Memos that go out each day, some pertinent Campus Memos are getting overlooked/deleted.

In order to keep the Campus informed as well as dispersing campus information daily to faculty and staff, the Public Relations Office will be implementing a new feature – BPCC DailyBPCC Daily – similar to the format of the LCTCS News email you currently are receiving – will contain upcoming events or information for faculty and staff but are not necessarily pertinent to the daily operations of the Campus. With the implementation of the BPCC DailyCampus Memos will only be sent for information – i.e. Blackboard outage, LOLA issues, weather delays or closures, Admission/Financial Aid information.

Campus Memo subject line will contain the words Campus Memo followed by the AREA that the Memo pertains to and then a brief notice of what the memo is about.


  • Campus Memo: ADMISSIONS: No Shows for Session G
  • Campus Memo: LOLA: LOLA will be down on Friday, January 10
  • Campus Memo: COLLEGE CLOSURE: BPCC will be closed on Mon, Dec. 20, 2012

Guidelines for BPCC Daily and Campus Memos:

  • BPCC Daily will be sent out once-a-day (in the morning).
  • DEADLINE of 4:00 p.m. the PRIOR day is required in order for the necessary information to be included. If you miss the deadline of 4:00 p.m., then your information will be held with the events for the next 4:00 p.m. deadline.
  • All information can continue to be submitted to campusmemo@bpcc.edu. The PR Office monitors the Campus Memo email account and will determine the importance of the event and which email (BPCC Daily or Campus Memo) in which to send it.
  • BPCC Daily and Campus Memo uses a standardized format in sending this information campus-wide.
  • The PR Office reserves the right to edit or format your information to keep it within the guidelines. (i.e. pertaining to BPCC activities/events)
  • If information is sent to campusmemo@bpcc.edu with attachments, a link to the attachment/graphic is provided by Computer Services. Once the link is available, PR will include it in BPCC Daily/Campus Memo and disseminate. (This procedure keeps Campus Memos from taking up unnecessary space on the BPCC server).
  • If a Campus Memo is sent to a personal email address in the PR office, it may be overlooked, causing a delay in its transmission.
  • PLEASE NOTE: if you REPLY to a Campus Memoyour information is returned to campusmemo@bpcc.edu. and NOT to the person originating the memo. To avoid this, reply to the employee’s personal email address with your comments or questions. This saves the PR Office time in forwarding your message to the personal email address and ensures that your message is viewed strictly by that person.

The PR Office will strive to send the Campus Memo out in a very timely manner. However, if you do not see your message come through the system, please call the PR Office at 678-6031 to alert us.