Donna Service Gallery

Dedicated in honor of former BPCC art instructor and professional artist, Donna Service, the gallery promotes student success and provides an opportunity for BPCC to further connect with the community, both artistic and at large. The gallery hosts approximately five exhibits throughout the year, featuring a variety of media, including paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculptures, mixed media, and photographs which explore a diverse range of topics. Artists represented are primarily regional artists, college students, BPCC faculty and staff, along with artists working with community arts organizations.

Located on the first floor of the John R. McConathy Administration Building (A), the gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8am – 3:30pm.

For additional information, please call Kelly McDade at 318-678-6324 or

‘The Order of Things’ by Jennifer Robison

on display now through September 30, 2022

ARTIST STATEMENT: The Order of Things is an investigation into perception and societal roles. Influenced by research in structural color and entomology, this work uses iridescence as a metaphor for how each person may perceive their surroundings. Every person has a unique belief system, usually revolving around personal values. Personal values become structured by the culture the individual is raised in or adopts at some point in life.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jennifer Robison is a Louisiana Photographer, holding a faculty position as an Instructor for the Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Division at BPCC. In 2019 the Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges System, elected Jennifer for the Outstanding Faculty Award and she received the John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award for Innovative Teaching. Robison recently received her MFA in Photography from Louisiana Tech University. Her interest in butterflies exhibiting structural color led to an appointed as Research Assistant at Louisiana State University’s Department of Entomology. Jennifer worked in collaboration with Entymologists at LSU, curating an exhibition at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum in Baton Rouge, exploring iridescence. The collaboration extended the exhibition content into a website. This educational platform connects art and science through the phenomenon of iridescence.