How to Register

Step 1: Log into LOLA using your LOLA username and password. If you do not know your username and/or password you can use the HELP section of this page to recover that information.

Step 2: Once logged into LOLA select the “Student” link in the Self Service section of the page.

Step 3: If you are unsure what courses you need to take for your chosen major/degree, use the Degree Works Dashboard to see an evaluation. Your Degree Works Dashboard will show you the Degree you are currently pursuing (your Major) and allow you to see all of the required courses for that degree with an indication of whether you have already taken this course, or whether the course is “still needed”. You also have the option of using the “What If” button to evaluate your progress toward other degree programs.
For example: if you are pursuing a degree in PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) but want to also see what courses you would still need to apply to the Nursing Program you could use the “What If” tab to see that.

Step 4: To move on to registration for classes, click on Registration in the Academic Links box.

Step 5: On the next screen, click on “Register for Classes”.

At any point in this process you may see a “pop up”. This step is to ensure that students have read and verify their understanding of the financial responsibility associated with registering for a class.

  • Click “continue” on the pop-up. 
  • Then “dismiss” the action item alert. 
  • And then click on the “Financial Responsibility Statement”
  • Read/review the statement and click the check box “Accept” and then “Save”.
  • Now you see that your Financial Responsibility item is marked as “completed” and you can click on “Continue”.

Step 6: Select the “Term” you wish to register for. For example “Spring 2023” or “Summer 2023”.

Step 7: Search for classes by using the “Find Classes” tab and searching for the Subject area of the course you want to enroll in. Then enter the course number and click “Search”.
For example you may have selected a subject area of Biology and a course number of 110 which would allow you to see all sections offered of that course – BLGY 110 – Medical Terminology
**you can also search for courses by CRN number (if, for example, your advisor provided you with that)

Step 8: Review the available sections, paying attention to whether the course is a standard lecture (face to face) course, an online (web) course, and the meeting times for that section. You can expand the “meeting times” column to see not only the day/time for the class but also the dates (some sections are full semester/some are accelerated short sessions). Click on “Add” to select that section.

Step 9: After clicking "Add", your current list of selected courses/schedule of those courses appear below.
This just allows you to preview your selections so far… the class won’t “officially” be added until you click the “submit” button. Click that button to officially register for that class and add it to your schedule. Or you can also click the “search again” button to conduct a new search. If you want to remove a course from your summary, click the Action drop-down menu and select “remove” (followed by submit).

Step 10: You can continue to search for and add new courses to your schedule. Clicking on the “Schedule and Options” tab lets you see at any time which courses you’ve officially registered for and what your current plan/schedule looks like.

Step 11: To withdraw from a class you’ve registered for, just return to the "Find Classes" tab and drop down to the “Web Drop” option and then “Submit”.