Student Organizations

A number of student organizations are open to all Bossier Parish Community College students without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, qualified disability, marital status, veteran’s status, or sexual orientation. Students will adhere to all College policies and the Student Code of Conduct while participating in any student activity or student organization. Students will be allowed freedom of association with student organizations that promote the interests of the academic community or the College. The membership policies and actions of a student organization will be determined by vote of only those persons who hold bona fide membership in the College community.

Active Status of Student Organizations

Student organizations must complete and submit to the Office of Student Life a Student Organization Renewal Form at the beginning of each academic year which indicates if that organization is currently active. Organizations that become inactive due to a lack of student interest, etc., will be removed from the list of official student organizations. Inactive student organizations must submit to the Director of Student Life a request to return to active status. In addition, all required documentation pertaining to that organization must also be updated and re-submitted to the Office of Student Life.

All student organizations must have a full time faculty or unclassified staff advisor; however, advisors will not have the authority to control the policies of student organizations. As members of the academic community, students and student organizations are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and are free to express their views and opinions on issues of institutional policy and on matters of general interest to the student body, publicly and privately. In addition, student organizations are allowed to invite and hear any person of their choosing, in keeping with the educational objectives of the College.

Student organizations must complete and submit a Student Organization Fundraiser Request Form to the Office of Student Life approximately two weeks prior to any fundraising event. In addition, a Student Organization Fundraiser Report Form must also be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Life within two weeks of the conclusion of any fundraising event.

Chartering a Student Organization

Individuals interested in forming a new student organization should follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Complete a Student Organization Charter Application and submit it to the Office of Student Life (F-220).
  • Identify students interested in joining the organization. A minimum of 10 members is required for official recognition.
  • Develop a constitution and/or bylaws for the proposed student organization which should include the name and purpose of the organization, definition of membership, organization structure, regular meeting times, method of funding, etc.
  • Identify a full time BPCC faculty or unclassified staff member to be the official advisor of the student organization.

Organizations that are in the formation stage may have provisional status for one full year before making a formal request for charter status. During this time, the organization is allowed to schedule interest meetings in order to identify the interest of the student body. Upon the completion of all steps, the proposed student organization will submit all documentation to the Student Government Association and the Student Life Committee for charter consideration. Appeals should be directed to the Vice Chancellor for Student Services.