Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Accelerated

Does a BPCC Accelerated degree program fit my needs?

BPCC Accelerated programs are designed for working adults who have never attended college or who previously attended, but did not finish college. These courses are taught online at an accelerated pace and cover the same amount of material in four (4) weeks or eight (8) weeks that is taught in a regular sixteen (16) week semester. Since courses are online, you must be comfortable learning on your own.

What degree programs are offered by BPCC Accelerated?

The following degree programs are offered in an online, accelerated format:

All programs are 100% online with the exception of Speech 110. (Coursework is online, but all speeches must be presented on campus)

How much does the program cost?

To view tuition and fees for online, accelerated programs, please view Online Tuition and Fees.

How do I qualify for financial aid?

The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at open new browser window or tabThe key to the financial aid process is to apply early! Learn more by visiting BPCC’s Financial Aid Office. The FAFSA application and all other BPCC application documents must be completed to determine eligibility.

Will my credit hours from other colleges be applied to BPCC Accelerated programs?

Acceptance of credit hours is based on an evaluation of your transcript(s) from previous colleges attended.

What is the process to request my transcripts to determine what credits will transfer?

  • You must submit a request, to all previous institutions attended, for your transcripts to be sent directly to BPCC. Transcripts must be sent from the school as BPCC cannot accept student copies.
  • An official high school transcript is also required.

As part of the admissions process, I am required to complete a proof of immunization form. Why do I need this form if I will be attending online classes?

The immunization form is required for all students attending BPCC. As an online student, you may complete the exemption portion of the Adult Immunization Waiver RequestWill open new browser window or tab

stating you are an online student. Completion of this form is a requirement for your admission.

Is there any other way to receive credit for my educational and professional experiences?

BPCC offers a number of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) options:

Nationally standardized exams, challenge and/or skills exams for BPCC specified courses, non-academic instruction evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE), and portfolio assessment of college-level learning acquired through work experience.

View BPCC’s Prior Learning Matrix and learn about assessment opportunities available at BPCC.

Will I be required to take any kind of placement test?

placement test is highly recommended if you have not taken college-level math or English courses, or if you have not submitted ACT/SAT scores.

What are my options if placement test scores require me to take developmental courses and these courses are not offered online?

Several options are available:

  • Take the developmental course needed in a classroom setting on the BPCC campus or on-campus at an institution in your area.
  • Placement tests can be taken, up to three times, to achieve higher test scores. Sample test questionsWill open new browser window or tab are available to assist you in preparing to take the placement test or before additional attempts are made to achieve a higher placement test score.
  • Open CampusWill open new browser window or tab offers free online, non-credit developmental courses which are designed to assist you in preparing for placement testing.