BPCC’s Smoke-Free policy will be implemented in the following manner:

Permanent Visual Communication of Policy

Signs bearing the message “Smoke-Free Campus – August 1, 2014” were posted at each of the vehicular and pedestrian entrances, as well as other key traffic areas throughout the campus. However, smoke-free zones apply on the grounds around the campus, whether or not a sign is posted in a particular area. No ashtrays will be provided on campus.

General Education And Awareness

The implementation of this policy will be augmented by an education and awareness campaign that may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Notification to all current students in both print and electronic formats (i.e. signs, posters, press releases, web announcements, C3, myBPCC, email, BPCC social media platforms).
  • Notification to prospective students in both print and electronic formats that BPCC is a smoke-free campus.
  • Notification to all incoming students at all Orientation programs.
  • Notification to new staff/faculty hires through new employee orientation.
  • Creation of a college smoke-free web site to include
  • Involvement of Student Government Association, Faculty Senate and Staff Senate.
  • Publication of policy in Faculty/Staff Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, Student Organization Handbook, student employee handbooks.
  • Notification in facility reservation process to all outside entities who use facilities or grounds for events
  • Notification to all supervisors on their governance responsibilities related to this policy prior to implementation of policy.
  • A smoke-free policy awareness statement will be signed by new employees.