Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – GDIT


Are the degree programs accredited?

Yes, the degree programs are accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Background Check and Security Clearance

Will I have to pass a background check for a security clearance?

GDIT will conduct background checks on any student who is being processed to work for GDIT. Most positions will require that you pass the security clearance process before starting with GDIT.


Will I receive certifications as well as my degree upon completion of the program?

Many courses are mapped to industry based certifications such as CompTIA. Students in the Cyber Technology Network Security degree program will be required to take and pass at least two accredited industry based certifications. Students who choose Cyber Technology Programmer Analyst degree program will be required to submit a portfolio with two written programs. The Computer Information Systems degree program does not currently require students to finish with two accredited industry based certifications. However, it is in the best interest of the student that they obtain them in order to be competitive among their peers.

Course Credit

Will individuals receive credit hours for these courses?

Yes, students will receive 60 credit hours and an Associate of Applied Science.


Can I intern at GDIT?

Interning with GDIT will be subject to whether GDIT accepts the student and whether the student passes any necessary background checks.

Program Length

How long does it take for individuals to receive a degree?

On average four (4) semesters over a 2 year period taking 15 hours per semester.

Transfer Student

What if I want to transfer from another school to BPCC?

Transfer students must successfully complete a minimum of 12 technical credit hours from BPCC.

Veteran Accommodations

Does BPCC provide any veteran services?

Yes, BPCC is designated a Military Friendly School and offers variety of military education benefits. Contact Susan Stakes at or 318-678-6472 for more information.