Building Maintenance

The responsibility of the Physical Plant Department is to maintain buildings and fixtures in a safe, operable condition and provide rapid and economical repair to minor breakdown and maintenance problems in order to minimize the inconvenience to building occupants and to keep associated deterioration to a minimum level. It is also the mission of this department to maintain grounds, including lawn care and litter removal on all campuses.

  • The goals of this department include:
  • To respond to building occupants’ concerns in a rapid, efficient manner.
  • To complete emergency repair work orders as quickly as possible
  • To complete work orders for the repair of minor damage, the removal of graffiti or undesirable material, and the replacement of broken and/or worn out fixtures and equipment
  • To maintain well manicured landscaping
  • To be available for set up/ break down equipment
  • To transfer moveable property when assistance is required

Maintenance Requests are online and should be completed at least seven (7) days in advance.

Custodial Services responsibility is to clean and disinfect, where appropriate, all buildings, to provide a safe and pleasant working environment for faculty, staff and students, and ensure the most efficient use of resources provided by controlling the use of supplies.

HVAC Services

The heating and cooling of all campus buildings is maintained through a contract with an outside vendor. A Preventative Maintenance Schedule is maintained for all equipment to ensure faculty, staff and students work in a comfortable environment.

Complete an HVAC Services request for activities on campus that are outside the normal classroom and office schedules.