Safety Policy Statement

State agencies are not covered by the OSHA legislation for business and industry. However, our liability is still as great as those in industry. Louisiana, therefore, requires a comprehensive program at each institution.

It is our goal at Bossier Parish Community College to provide safe and efficient services to the residents of the State of Louisiana. Each employee must help accomplish this purpose through safe and efficient work practices. Employee safety is vital to our success. The administration of Bossier Parish Community College accepts the moral and legal responsibility of providing safe and healthy work conditions by actively supporting the policies and financial needs of the Environmental Health and Safety Department. Our goal is to implement a comprehensive safety plan that meets all federal, state and local safety codes.

This objective can be reached if all employees accept personal responsibility for their own safety and well-being. Safe work habits are an essential element of satisfactory job performance. Each employee is responsible for immediately reporting potential unsafe conditions to minimize the risk to themselves and others. Each employee is responsible for helping us reach our loss prevention, personal injury, and loss of property goals.

In addition, each Bossier Parish Community College supervisor will be held accountable for the actions of his/her employees. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that both they and their employees follow all safety rules, policies, and procedures.

It is our intention to provide good supervision, effective training, and a safe work environment. The success of our safety and loss prevention program depends upon the efforts of all our employees. The Environmental Health and Safety Officers’ responsibilities will be to develop policies, schedule training and monitor compliance.

In conclusion, the best way to prevent losses is to prevent accidents, and the best way to prevent accidents is to teach every person within the department to be safety conscious. In order for our safety program to be workable and effective, we need every employee’s full support and cooperation.

I look forward to working with you in this endeavor. We want Bossier Parish Community College to be the safest environment possible. It is your health and well-being that demand we develop the very finest program possible.