Vehicle Use Policy

State vehicles are restricted to official College business. Only State of Louisiana employees are allowed to ride/drive a state vehicle. Employees are prohibited from taking state vehicles to their home.

Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal narcotics may not be transported or consumed in state vehicles or prior to driving. There is NO SMOKING in state vehicles.

All accidents, major and minor, shall be reported first to the local police department or appropriate law enforcement agency and then to the campus Office of Risk Management. An accident report form (DA 2041) is completed as soon as possible and returned to ORM, together with names and addresses of principals and witnesses.

State Vehicle

Employees requesting a fleet vehicle must have the following on file in the Office of Risk Management:

  • Authorization and Driving History Form (DA2054) Completed on an annual basis, including a current copy of driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance
  • Defensive Driver Training course (online) within the last three years

Requests for State Vehicle should be at least 36 hours in advance. Vehicles are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Mileage Forms are located in the Physical Plant office and can be picked up just prior to trip. The keys, fuel card and pin number will be issued with the mileage form.

Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas. All trash and debris should be removed from vehicle. At the completion of the trip, driver must submit the following to Physical Plant:

  • Mileage Form
  • Keys
  • Fuel receipt(s)

Rental Car Fuel Card

Fuel cards are available for use when rental cars are secured. Fuel card can be requested using the online Request for State Vehicle. The Rental Car Fuel Card form, fuel card and receipts must be turned in as soon as possible upon return.