Funding Requests

Foundation Fund Policy

Staff may apply to the Staff Senate Executive Council for Foundation funds to assist in defraying the cost of attendance to workshops, conferences, etc. that are used for staff development. Funds may NOT be used for tuition, fees, or any other costs of attending college for credit. Priority will be given to applicants who

  • have already secured funds from other sources;
  • are presenting or actively participating in the event or organization, and;
  • have not received Foundation funds the past semester or academic year.

Monies obtained from department budgets or other sources within the College must meet all State of Louisiana Travel Regulations (see PPM No. 49 – General Travel Regulations). Monies obtained from the Foundation must meet these requirements as well. Exceptions may be made only for individuals receiving prior approval for overage costs (see PPM No. 49 – General Travel Regulations).


Eligible staff are current members of the Staff Senate who have contributed monetarily to the BPCC Foundation in the current academic year.

Foundation Fund Procedure

Applicants should research the cost of all expenditures for attendance to proposed staff development event that include current rates for

  • travel (as defined by State of Louisiana Travel Regulations PPM No. 49);
  • registration fees, and;
  • other legitimate costs to attend.

Documentation of all expenditures such as travel, hotel, and registration should be included. (Please note that dues for membership to an organization are NOT considered valid expenditures).

  • Applicants should approach their direct supervisors to secure department funds.
  • Applicants should type a one page (maximum) explanation of justification for the trip and include an itemized list of expenditures and amount requested. The justification should also include how the College and/or students would benefit by attendance to the event.
  • Applications should be submitted six weeks prior to event date. Applicants are responsible for filing a Travel Request form and obtaining all necessary signatures prior to travel.
  • The Staff Senate Executive Council will review the application, prioritize which should be funded, and forward their decision to the Foundation Board. Every effort will be made to maximize the use of the Foundation monies by distributing available funds among a broad number of applicants. The decisions of the Staff Senate Executive Council are final. It should be noted that the Foundation Board must also approve applications prior to funding.
  • If the Foundation Fund application is approved, applicants should keep all receipts for expenditures. Restaurants receipts must clearly indicate that food was purchased. Receipts should be submitted to the Advancement Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Advancement. All Louisiana Travel Guidelines must be met in order to be reimbursed.