Staff Senate

Pictured (L-R): Natalie Smith, Megan Bange, Amy Russell, Adam Dansby, Quentin Calhoun, Shawndreka Jelks, and Callie Jo Ellis.

Serving the Needs of Our Members

The BPCC Staff Senate is an organization made up of duly elected representatives from the staff of the College. To this end, the Staff Senate will

  • organize seminars to enhance the personal and professional well-being of the staff;
  • assist in acquiring funds for staff to attend off-campus workshops, conferences, etc. in order to enhance staff development, and;
  • encourage a sense of community among all College employees.

Our Mission

To incorporate activities that would promote interest and participation in BPCC’s Staff Senate; thereby, establishing a stronger relationship among all staff employees.

Our Goal

To strive to choose activities and functions that best serve the needs and interest of our members.

Membership Form

Membership Form