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Cisco Unity Voice Mail User Guide

Use These Keys Anytime During any Changes

Key Task
* Cancel or back up
# Skip or move ahead

First Time You Log In

To Enroll on Cisco Unity:

  1. Press the Message button.
  2. Enter a password. (Default password is 12345)
  3. Please follow system instructions for the following:
    • Record your name.
    • Set a new password.
    • Record your greeting.
  4. Please wait until you hear “You Have Finished Enrollment” then hang up.

To Check Messages from your telephone

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 1 to hear new messages, or press 3 to review old messages.
  3. Use the following keys to manage your messages and to control playback.
Use These Keys During a Message
Key Task Key Task
1 Restart Message 7 Rewind, small
2 Save 8 Pause or resume
3 Delete 9 Fast forward to end
5 Change Volume # Fast forward to end
## Save as is    
Use These Keys After a Message
Key Task Key Task
1 Replay Message 6 Save as Unheard
2 Save 7 Rewind, small
3 Delete 8 N/A
4 Reply 9 Play Message Summary
5 Forward Message # Save as us

To Check Messages Remotely

  1. Dial your office phone number from another phone.
  2. When the voicemail answers, press the * (star) key on your phone.
  3. When prompted, enter your ID number (last 4 digits of your phone number) and press the # (pound) key.
  4. Enter your password/PIN when prompted and press the # (pound) key.

To Change Your Recorded Name

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 4 >3 >2.
  3. At the tone, record your name, or press * to keep the current recording.
Use These Keys as You Record
Key Task Key Task
8 Pause or Resume # End Recording

To Change Your Password

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 4 >3 >1.
  3. Enter a new password and press #.
  4. Enter the new password again to confirm it and press #.

To Record a Greeting

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 4 > 1 > 1.
  3. After Cisco Unity plays your current greeting, press 1 to rerecord it, or press 3 to record a different greeting, choose the greeting, then rerecord it.

To Enable or Disable a Greeting

(You can enable or disable only your alternate greeting by phone.)

  1. Press the Message button and log on.
  2. Press 4 >1 >1.
  3. After Cisco Unity plays your current greeting, press 2 to enable or disable your alternate greeting.

Note: When your alternate greeting is enabled, it overrides all other greetings.

While listening to a message, press:

Action Key(s)
1 Restart message   1-4 Play previous message   1-6 Play next message
2 Save   3 Delete   5 Forward message
6-4 Slow playback   6-6 Fast playback   7 Rewind message
8 Pause or resume   9 Fast forward   # Fast forward to end
* Cancel or back up